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Agie ref01 by rileylaurent Agie ref01 by rileylaurent
Name: Aglaia (Agie) car Marraw
Age: 14-18
Height: 5'7"
Hair color: golden blond
Eye color: purple-blue
Skin color: pale
Theme color: purple

Personality: beautiful both inside and out, she tries to keep low key but gets noticed anyway, kind-hearted, sociable, always willing to help someone else but is wary of people taking advantage of her, understands people (in general) very well

Other info: childhood friends with Sam and Ace (and Matt) as well as cousin to Sam, technically part of the Marraw family although not pureblood (hence "car"), has been annoyed in the past by girls using her to get to Sam so she's hesitant around girls and thus does not consider many others her friend (but she is friendly with just about everyone), was the first to befriend Riley (who was new and alone)
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