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CC: Christian di Laurentis by rileylaurent CC: Christian di Laurentis by rileylaurent
Comment here or note me if you want to RP with Christian! He's like a hot, alternate reality version of Riley Laurent. :D


Full Name: Baron Christian di Laurentis
Hair color: Reddish-brown
Eye color: Blue
Height: 5’11”
Birthday: May 1

Job: Lord

Job Description:
Although the family has a trusted land steward, Christian was raised to be a hands-on leader and regularly surveys the businesses run by the estate. Of course, he also participates in other leisurely activities associated with a noble, including frequent visits with other nobles, holding and attending balls, and the occasional hunting party during the season. He is also interested in politics, as a rule, but does not always understand the nuances or actively participate.

Having been taught to understand markets and the economy, Christian is best known for his business acumen and his single-handed efforts to greatly increase his estate’s worth. He has also been trained to handle various weapons from swords and sabres to pistols and hunting rifles. As part of his classical tutoring, he is adept at playing the violin and piano, though he prefers the violin as what he considers the less feminine of the two.

Weapon Description:
Christian is both an excellent swordsman and an excellent marksman. However, due to his father’s death by pistol, Christian prefers the blade. His cup-hilted rapier, Amaranth, is a family heirloom dating back over 200 years. The blade was once broken and replaced with a stronger alloy, and the hilt has been refined in shape and decorated with crystals over the years. As dictated by proper etiquette, Christian only wears his sword on certain occasions and has no need to constantly have it by his side, though this may change with the changing times.

Dueling pistols - In addition to his rapier, Christian may occasionally carry a pair of dueling pistols also passed down through his family. His slight aversion to guns, and especially the fact that his father last used this particular pair, means that he prefers to avoid carrying them, but he will when the situation calls for it.
Pocket watch - Whenever he goes out, Christian carries a gold pocket watch, both as a way to always be on time and as an indicator of his status and wealth.
Journal – Tucked in a pocket, Christian always carries a small black journal—a “little black book” if you will—in which he takes note of important transactions, people he meets, social events, and major occurrences. It has been said that his journal contains details of every major scandal among the nobles of Marseine in the past decade.
(He also regularly wears various pieces of jewelry for decoration, but nothing of personal significance.)

Everything that Christian does is promptly carried out with a sense of duty but no purpose. Not one to do work for the work’s sake, Christian measures his own success by “proper” societal standards. Much of this lack of passion carries over to his personal affairs as well. Some of this may be due to stunted emotional growth from childhood, and some due to his boredom on finding everything easy. Christian has not yet met with a task or a person who could really challenge him. On the other hand, when he begins something, Christian will stubbornly see it through. This doesn’t mean that he will not listen to reason, but he is occasionally blind to problems and faults when his mind is made up. He has a strong sense of right and wrong, which includes both the law of the land and the rules of society. In some ways, he is fiercely protective of social standards and irritated by poor etiquette.

One major childhood event, more than any other, has been a large influence on Christian’s development. At the age of 7, Christian lost his father to a duel with another noble. Since he was taught to respect the rules of society and to uphold them, he never questioned the way his father died and accepted it as an unavoidable tragedy. Up until that point, Christian had been carefully groomed by his father as the heir to the di Laurentis estate. Although a bevy of tutors continued to teach him the standard lessons in literature, music, history, and so on, he lacked the personal touch of a father’s tutelage.

Upon the death of Christian’s father, his mother succumbed to depression and bouts of hysteria. The Baroness di Laurentis had always had fine sensibilities, and the sudden death of her husband was too much to take. She became an invalid, confined to her room and refusing all visitors except her handmaid and her son. This second shock was harder to accept, and it was many years before Christian could look at his mother with pity instead of fear. This string of events forced him to mature quicker than most. Luckily, both the butler and the late baron’s personal valet were kind people who were fiercely loyal to the di Laurentis family. The two of them advised Christian on matters he was too young to understand, and they even alerted him when the house steward began to embezzle funds from the family coffers. However, as servants, they kept a certain emotional distance from the young master, and Christian grew up without the warmth that children so need.

As an adult, Christian now runs the family estate and its affairs with the continued assistance of most of the family’s old staff, though a new house steward had been hired of course. The di Laurentis barony had been in the family for many centuries, long before peerage was divided into different ranks. Discontented with being made a lower class, the family has been trying to climb the social ladder ever since. As the current Baron di Laurentis, Christian partakes in all the social and fiscal duties expected of him, but he has no real goals beyond that of expanding his estate. In the past, he has dabbled in political affairs, and the topic certainly comes up often enough in his social circles. But without a personal sense of ambition and lacking a thorough knowledge of interpersonal relationships, he struggles with the details of political conflict, and the aspirations of others often escape him. The recent shift in public opinion, however, has him uneasy for the first time.

Coming from a long line of nobility, Christian has been taught to respect the monarchy system. His father had been a fierce defender of the previous king and instilled a strong sense of loyalty in the young child. Even though he holds a firm belief in the current government, Christian is not unreasonable. Some of his acquaintances have pointed out flaws in the system, but no one has yet been able to shake his loyalty or convince him of a better alternative. Conservative and practical, he prefers the stability of a known government to the abstract ideals of radicals. On a more selfish note, Christian also dislikes war and conflict in general as they drain resources and are bad for business. He has become comfortable with his life and would not necessarily know how to act and survive in another environment. Much of the reason he remains a Royalist is simply due to habit and lack of a better option.

Christian has had a few flings in the past. But being the impassionate person that he is, he has yet to find the one person who might move his heart. From a purely social perspective, he has a few prospects in mind, though he has no real feeling for any of them and evaluates his prospects in cold standards of beauty, status, and wealth.

Under some circumstances, Christian might tend to exhibit OCD tendencies. For instance, he may frequently attempt to correct others’ grammar without thinking. This occasionally causes him trouble, especially if he is speaking to nobles of high rank. If he has to deal with commoners on business, especially in areas that appear drab or dirty, Christian will afterwards vigorously wash his hands or, if he had worn gloves, dispose of his gloves. This also means that when he frequents whorehouses or dance halls, he avoids contact and simply watches (though this is probably also prudent).

The di Laurentis estate is in the northeast, close to Cerais. Christian conducts much of his business in Cerais and the nearest port.

:bulletblue: Lily Avery - Their families know each other, and Christian is familiar with Lily's older siblings. He doesn't quite approve of her current lifestyle, but they're on friendly terms and have formed an alliance. In other words, she's playing hard to get.
:bulletblue: Elva de Rosiell - Christian fell off the roof into her garden during a covert op, and the good doctor has been treating his wounds. And giving handjobs massages...
:bulletblue: Frostella Alexi - TBD
:bulletred: Damus Thatch - They haven't officially met, but there would definitely be some sort of goatee-off if they did.
:bulletblack: Thibault - The di Laurentis butler, he has loyally served the family for decades and now additionally acts as a proxy house steward after discovering the previous one's embezzlement.
:bulletblack: Peppin - Christian's valet, Peppin is young but hardworking and trustworthy. He is somewhat shy and timid, but follows his master's instructions to the T. He most often follows Christian when traveling.
:bulletblack: Dagger - His true identity a mystery to everyone, including the di Laurentis servants, Dagger has numerous underground connections, especially as an assassin-for-hire, and helps Christian with undercover missions for the Crown. Together, they are "Cloak and Dagger".
:bulletblack: Earl Gabriel Duchamps - A young man of 20, he's a bit mischievous and flirtatious. Christian took him under his wing years ago and tries to keep his protégé in line. He sees Gabriel almost as a younger brother and fondly calls him "Gabe."
:bulletblack: Baroness di Laurentis - Christian's mother has not been mentally sound since her husband died in a duel when Christian was a child. Most of the time, she stays in her room and receives no visitors.
:bulletblack: Lady Blanchette Olivier - A distant cousin of Christian, she spent some summers at the di Laurentis estate as a child and is a bit of an airhead. Heiress to a viscountess title, Blanchette is quite the social climber and eager to please.
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Kaetriona Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2012  Hobbyist
Elva’s storyline so far: Not too much actually. To sum everything up, after she was kicked out of her own home, Eleria took her in so now she resides on the rich part of town. Elva refuses to depend on her friend for long so she had been trying to gather rich clients so that she could buy a new place for her practice. Other than Eleria, Tiberas had been helpful to Elva. He encourages her and protects her. Because she is not an aristocrat, people had been skeptical of her and had actually called her out for treason when she was just simply stating her opinions.

Anyways, her dad, who occasionally stops by to visit Elva for like 2 minutes, mainly because Elva doesn’t allow him to linger more than a second, found out from neighbors that Elva had move. He asks where her mother and she had gone and they told him her mother had passed away along time ago and Elva had been living on her own since. Every time he had visited, Elva would had just stepped outside and chatted with him for a bit. If he had asked about her mother, she always had a decent excuse. Again, he only visited occasionally so it never occurred to him how weird that her mother was always gone.

So her dad is pretty angry at Elva for hiding things from him but what can he expect? He had cast aside the two for someone “worthy” of his blood. I am not sure of his full intent right now. It’s either he feels guilty of his actions and wants to clean up the mess he made so he is trying to bring Elva into his current family or he still loves his first wife and by having everybody acknowledge Elva is his eldest daughter, he would still have a piece of his late first wife with him. IDK. Either way, he just wants to talk to Elva to know the truth and wanting her to live with the rest of the D’Rosiell family. Elva refuses to meet up with her father though but Eleria encourages her to.

Yeah…that’s about it. Now to start the rp.

There she was, standing at the steps of Baron Christian Di Laurentis’s mansion. The physician hesitated to take any further steps. She didn't’ know why she was nervous about entering his home. Not too long ago, these two lived under the same roof with her tending to his every request. She had already seen all that was of him, physically. Yet, there was some factor that kept her back. In addition, she didn’t know how she had gotten here in the first place.

Because of her untimely circumstances, Elva had been scrambling around on her hands and knees, trying to gain enough money to support herself again. Until she had enough money, there was no way she could make her medicine affordable to her usual patients without going broke. Unfortunately, starting a business on the fancy side of town was not going as well as she thought. It was slow. People tend to be creatures of habit, only returning to those that are familiar.

A week ago, an old patient of her master’s had contacted Elva. Ever since Elva’s master had left the country to study herbal medicine around the world, he had reassured his loyal patients that his apprentice was competent enough for them to call her for medical attention. Once she had arrived in town, the first thing she did was take a buggy to the patient’s home. It was then had she remember the letter she had received from the Di Laurentis. He had invited her to come by for a visit but Elva knew she couldn’t. After the time the spent together, she couldn’t just tell him how she moved. He knew how much her home meant to her and she knew he would be asking questions. In the end, Elva was just scared of confrontation. She was not ready to admit to herself that she had lost what was most important to her.

Her patient was kind to her. During her stay, the patient had offered a room for Elva, just to keep her as a temporary in-house doctor. And every day, noon, and evening, the physician was able to look out her window and see the obnoxious Di Laurentis Estate. She guessed it was a sign that she needed to pay her friend a visit after taking care of business here.

Now she was inches away from the door, with her physician’s parcel in one hand and her luggage in another. Elva knocked on the door a few times but when nobody answered the door the second after, she began to make her way down the stairs again and towards the train.

“Mademoiselle, may I help you?” Turns out, someone did answer the door. It was the butler. “Mademoiselle Rosiell, I presume?”

“Uh…yeah…” she said, turning her body around, “How did you know?”

“The Master had left word that he had been expecting a female friend to stop by. He also mentioned she is a physician.” He replied, gesturing to her parcel, “We did not anticipate your arrival but I see you came prepare to spend the night.”

“Oh no, I didn’t plan on staying here for the night. I..I actually just finished taking care of a patient so I thought I’d stop by and say hi.”

“Unfortunately, the master is out and won’t be back until tomorrow. He has been eager to see….” He took a good look at her, “You as well. I highly recommend staying for the night.”

She was speechless. Elva didn’t really know what to say. She didn’t want to be rude. Before she could oppose to anything, the butler had taken the liberty to take her baggage and marched up the stairs. All Elva could do was follow. She watched him as he instructed some maids to inform the rest of the staff Elva Rosiell had arrived. Apparently, they had been prepared for this day. It made her feel a little bit good about herself.

“I’ll be taking you to your room. The master had expressed his concerns about you arriving when he wasn’t present at home. He said to offer you a room and extend our service to you,” the butler explained, “Mademoiselle, I hope you don’t mind but as soon as the sun rises tomorrow, we need you to get you ready for the Master’s return.”

“What’s wrong with what I am wearing now? Christ—uh Baron Di Lareuntis has seen me in poorer quality clothing than this.”

“…..Just think of this as a gift to you. Until then, please enjoy your stay. If you need anything, please let us know.”

“Please cook me everything that you have. I’m hungry.”


“I’m serious.”

“Will do.”

With that, he left the room. She knew he wasn’t going to but it was worth a shot. Elva spent the rest of the day to herself. It was a time for her to rethink her future, catch up on some reading, and sleep 14 hours straight.


The next morning was not too kind to Elva. She had yet to recover from her food coma, despite the excessive amount of sleep she had gotten last night. It took a group of maids to pry her out of the bed and into the bathtub. Because her clothing was not to par, they had to drag her out into the town to get her fitted for proper clothing, her hair done, and her face made. As much as she enjoyed makeovers, she found all of this to be unnecessary. Their master had seen her at her ugliest. What was dolling her up going to do? Atlas, she continued to play along with them.

[I’ll include a reference of her in the next post.]
rileylaurent Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2012
((Okay, so sorry for the delay. orz I like Elva's backstory so far! I haven't thought too much about what Christian's doing. The only thing I did think about was that he probably wouldn't be prancing around dangerously in costume anymore, lol. Leave it to the pros. But I like the costumed vigilante version, so I feel like I may want to pull that out in the future at some point. On the home front, his mother is in one of her bad periods and hasn't left her chambers for some time, so he hasn't been in a good mood either. I'll figure out the rest as I go.

I'm working on drawing up a map of the estate and grounds. For now, I'll just give a description and point out major features. The entire property is maybe 2 sq. miles. There's a small river to the west, kind of running northeast-southwest, and the entire north half is mostly a wooded area curated for hunting. There are a few farmers living off the property in the south, leading up to the main city (Cerais). The estate is at the highest point on a hill, sort of in the middle of the property, a bit south. There's a low wall surrounding the main grounds that was modified from when the place was a castle fortress to allow a better view. The east wall has a giant archway/gate as the main entrance. The south wall has a small gate, and the stables and such are up against this wall. The north wall has a small gate leading to the woods, and the groundskeeper house is against the wall. Most of the west wall was knocked down to open the estate up to the gardens in the west, which stretch to the river.

The manor itself is three stories max. Imagine a square with a square courtyard in the center. There are two ballrooms (high ceilings, 2-3 stories tall), northwest and southwest corners. The west wing is basically for formally entertaining guests. The east wing is for everyday use, such as general sitting rooms and the family dining room. The north and south have the kitchens, servants quarters, etc. (i.e. staff only). Second floor on the east are family quarters. The baroness is in the southeast and Christian is in the northeast. Guest quarters are along the north and south. Individual quarters typically have access to extra third floor space, i.e. library or private office, but they don't connect to each other (ex. can't get to baroness's third floor areas from Christian's third floor areas). I'd imagine Elva would be put somewhere in the south, which has more light, assuming Marseine is in the northern hemisphere.

Also, I've done a few short RPs involving balls/dances of some sort before. I kind of have an itch to have Christian host a massive ball for nobles+friends, maybe an unofficial winter ball or something. I'm only worried it wouldn't be interesting enough to attract people. What do you think? Of course, I should probably be focusing any spare time on drawing more... Have an idea for the di Laurentis crew, but my digital isn't good enough to do it justice. orz))

Christian di Laurentis heaved a sigh. Business had been down as of late. The country was troubled, and so the economy was troubled. As good as he might be in navigating the markets, it was still increasingly difficult to turn a profit without resorting to methods. The baron contemplated his dilemma as his carriage pulled up to the house. One of his business partners had recently been engaged in black market trades, with the resulting goods ending up in his hands. Needless to say, the baron was not too thrilled, and there had been a tense word or two, to say the least. Maybe it was time to take a vacation.

Thibault greeted him at the door. "How's mother?" Christian inquired, stepping briskly inside and handing Peppin his cloak.

"Madame has not been out of her room since milord left," Thibault told him, following as his master walked up to his room. "She scarcely eats half what she did, and refuses to take visitors."

"Well, that certainly won't do," the baron frowned, stopping in front his chambers with his hand paused on the door handle. "I'll call on her shortly and see if we can't put her in a better mood. Any other business while I was away?" He turned to walk into his chambers, with Thibault still following closely.

"Yes, sir," the butler replied, handing the baron some letters. "There is also a young lady here to see you--Miss Rosiell. Per your lordship's instructions, we have settled her in the Carmine chambers and have carefully attended to her."

"Good." Christian settled himself at his desk and began to open and read the letters. Not looking up, he informed the butler, "I will call on the baroness, then refresh myself. Please ask the young lady to join us for supper."

"Yes, sire." Thibault bowed and set off to instruct the house staff on their tasks.

After a few minutes of perusing the letters and making some quick notations, the baron headed to his mother's chambers, secretly dreading what he might find. He knocked on the door and, upon hearing a soft invitation to enter, cautiously opened it. The lady of the house was seated by the window, curtains half drawn and casting a shadow over her. Christian approached and knelt to kiss the hand he was offered. The two of them spoke in low tones for a while, Christian pressing her to take better care of her health. The lady seemed in poor spirits, but agreed to try to eat more.

Finally, Christian stood and told her, "We have a guest in the house, mother, a lady doctor. If you feel well enough, perhaps you'd join us for supper."

"Ah, Chouchou," the baroness complained, "I'm tired. Perhaps another day."

Christian bowed, kissed her hand, and took his leave. He hadn't really expected much anyway, but at least she was less depressed than he'd feared. He could at least rest easy that her mind was not wandering, as it was wont to do sometimes.

Back in his chambers, Christian found a bath prepared and dinner dress laid out. He washed quickly and was in the process of being dressed by an attendant when someone came in to announce that supper was ready. Hair tied, jacket straightened, and goatee trimmed, the baron headed downstairs to the dining room. Along the way, he remembered that Elva had not yet seen him in his usual attire. She'd only seen him either dressed in disguise, in cheap clothing bought off the market before he left, or half naked. That last thought made him blush. At least now, his hair was not disheveled, and he looked well-groomed and presentable. Walking in to the dining room and taking his place at the head of the table, he consoled himself that first impressions could be overcome. The baron wondered how his guest might react to the change in his appearance as he waited.
Kaetriona Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2013  Hobbyist
AMG, I am so sorry for like…the month late post. I’ve just been so busy with family matters and holiday stuff. So here’s a wall of text instead!]]

At the dress shop, Elva was having some difficulties. The seamstress had not anticipated the doctor’s large bosoms and was forced to make some adjustments to her dress. It took two other women to help pull the corset together. Two women were pulling the lace and one woman having to literally push her breast in. If Elva could describe this experience in one word, she would have probably chosen hell. It was not that she had never worn a corset before but to be stuffed into like this was torture. It was to the point that she could feel her organs rubbing against one another and perhaps collapsing upon her lungs. If this was really what true high fashion was, she would rather be dressed like a country bumpkin for the rest of her life. Gasping for air, “Couldn’t you just—Ah~ just wear what I have…”

“No, miss Rosiell. The Baron has specified that you were to be pampered like a lady. This just so happens to be one of the perk,” said Vanessa, the matron that seemed to be in charge of Elva’s preparation.

“Then could we just get a bigger size? Ah~” she moaned, turning her head behind to glare at the seamstress.

“I’m sorry ma’am, but this is the biggest dress we have at the moment…” replied the seamstress.

“Now, shall we go over the etiquette when in the Baron’s presents,” suggested the matron.

“Now shall I punch Christian in the face? Oh my god…”

“And this is why we must go over the etiquette. Assaulting the Baron is a big no no, especially at his face. Now let’s begin with the greetings."

Throughout the day long preparation, Vanessa had her work cut out for her. She continued to grill the ever so stubborn Elva over etiquette and over stressing how important it was to act like a lady for once. However, Elva thought this was all pointless since the Christian knew was not going to care about how she acted or dressed. He even saw her in her under garments. But Vanessa pushed on, no matter how appalled she was by the doctor’s barbaric behavior.

When all was done, Elva was finally allowed to come back to the Baron’s mansion. She had sworn to give that man a piece of her mind as soon as she saw him. The audacity of him to order people to put her through this ordeal was ludicrous. She felt those three special weeks they spent together had taught him nothing. He did not learn that Elva does not like people ordering her around like a child. As soon as her carriage door opened, the doctor leaped out the door, mumbling about how she was about to wring this Christian’s neck.

“We have arrive-“

“Uh, yeah, I know,” she said, interrupting the chauffeur. Elva was on a mission and the poor Baron was in for a surprised. All she could do was imagine Christian’s handsome structured face being slapped multiple times by the back and front of her hand. She was most definitely determined…up until one of the house staff had informed her that Christian was waiting for her in the dining room for dinner. The second food became the subject, Elva lost focus. “Food? In the dining room? I want to go there…” And just like that, the woman had lost her passion for vengeance. Obediently, she followed Vanessa to the dining room. Now all she could think about was the succulent food aristocrats were able to eat daily.

“The Baron waits for you right through those doors,” said Thibault, who patiently waited in front of the dining room doors for the doctor’s arrival, and held the door open for her. But to Elva surprise, she did not see Christian. Instead, there was some other handsome yet rugged redheaded man in the room. He looked very similar to her friend, perhaps he was family. Slowly making her way towards the end of the table, “I didn’t know Christian had a brother...Vanessa only mentioned the baroness…”
rileylaurent Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2013
((Well, this is considerably shorter, but I figured it's better for more back-and-forth dialogue. Or that's my excuse anyway. Also, I'm liking this Vanessa, follows orders well! And it makes sense to have a woman attending Elva. : D ))

As he waited, the baron walked around to examine the spread. There were, of course, the usual fruit bowls and bread baskets in the middle of the table. Several candelabras were also lit, although it seemed a little unnecessary as the chandelier was quite sufficient. A place had been set at the other end of the table for the baroness, just in case she decided to join them. Typically, Elva’s place would have been set to the right of the baroness, but as no one expected the lady of the house to show, the waiters had set the doctor’s place next to Christian instead. Frankly, with only three place settings at a table that could easily seat twenty, the baron had to admit it was a little ridiculous to use the formal dining room rather than the smaller, informal room they used for just the family and close friends. He instructed Thibault in passing to use the smaller room tomorrow.

Glancing at the sideboard, Christian was pleased with the number and variety of dishes. Though the dishes would not be uncovered until everyone was seated and each course was served, he could guess from the size and shape of the platters, as well as the aroma emanating from them, what some of the courses might be. There was a soup tureen of some sort (he hoped it was a cream-based soup), an oval platter typically used for fish, a beef roast, smaller quail plates, a petit four dessert tray, and various accompanying gravies and vegetables. A waiter stood holding the entrée--a plate of oysters, his favorite--ready to serve.

Satisfied that everything was up to par, the baron returned to his position by the head of the table just in time to hear the announcement of Elva’s arrival. He turned to see the doctor looking rather out of her element, dressed in a fancy gown and approaching cautiously. Though the dress looked beautiful and expensive, Elva looked ready to pop out of it. He stifled a chuckle wondering how she would manage to eat, or even sit down for that matter.

“Good evening, doctor,” Christian bowed, a corner of his mouth betraying a small grin, “How kind of you to visit. I trust you’ve been treated well in my absence?” He motioned for the waiters to pull out Elva’s chair for her.
Kaetriona Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2013  Hobbyist
Elva did not pay too much attention to Christian. She was more turned on by all the food rather than his good looks. Lo and behold, there were oysters, one of the few aphrodisiac. This man knew how to eat. It made the physician slightly ashamed of what she had been serving him. Then again, beggars cannot be choosers. Who told him to fall off her roof? Besides, she is a physician, not some gourmet cook.

Returning her attention to the baron, she gave him a stern look with a mental list of things she'd like to complain about. "Cut the crap, Christian..." Obviously, none of Vanessa's advices stuck to her. He knew her well enough she doesn't like all this formal shenanigans. She contemplated about complaining about the way the staff has been treating her, but she knew well enough it was not their fault. It was his. Elva thanked the waiter for pulling out her chair but shooed him away. She can push in her chair herself. "The staff was delightful. Probably one of the best since they do everything YOU say. But you, on the other hand, your head is on the chopping block."

Elva fidgeted around for a bit. The binding corset made it hard for her to even breathe. It gave the feeling that is she moved a wrong way, the dress would be torn to shreds from all the fat it was trying to contain. The physician took a deep breath. "I don't need any of this..." She started off calmly, "you know that. I don't care if this is your house. You can shove all the food in the world to me and I'll be ok with it, but don't make be who I am not. I mean look at this!" She clasped her hands onto her breast. "I didn't think it was possible for my breast to suffocate my lungs and heart. I don't know how you rich people do it. This is not clothing! This is torture device meant to be placed in the king's dungeon! If it were more loose, it would be a great back brace..."

She could have sworn she was about to pass out from not being able to breathe. Elva only shook head and began to help herself to the fish. She didn't care if he was the head of the house or something, he is going to play by the same rules as when he lived at her old house. If you're not severely injured or dying, you do things for yourself. Dress code is not required. "So how have you been? Any pains? Injuries? Sickness you would like me to check on?"
rileylaurent Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2013
((I found out, if I type it out in Word first, it's faster/easier to edit, and I end up writing more. YES.))

Mildly surprised by the doctor’s tirade, Christian quietly leaned against his chair for a moment just to observe her antics. The house staff, shocked by her behavior and uncertain how to react, looked to their master for help. A few of the waiters wondered to each other whether it wouldn’t be better to forcibly remove this unnerving guest who had just indiscriminately threatened to behead their employer, but none of them were eager to approach her. Besides, as she was a guest, they still had to extend every courtesy expected of them unless instructed otherwise, death threats notwithstanding.

“Set all courses on the table and leave us,” the baron finally commanded, with a wave of his hand. Relieved, the waiters hastened to follow directions, moving the remaining dishes to the dining table and uncovering each one, then scurrying quickly out of the room with a slight bow. The smells mingled together and wafted to the noble’s nose, reminding him how hungry he actually was after a long day of travelling. He sat down and began opening a bottle of wine.

“Milord,” said Thibualt as he began to close the heavy double doors, “I shall be just outside in case you need me.”

Christian nodded a reply, then turned his attention to pouring a glass of sherry for his guest. “Well,” he addressed her, amused as she wolfed down the food, “I suppose it’s useless to tell you to ‘dig in.’” Why he would have ever expected her to conform to social etiquette he wasn’t sure. He poured himself a glass as well. “Remind me to have them lay out some looser dresses for you tomorrow. Cheers.”

Taking a few large gulps of the wine, the baron finished the glass quickly and then poured another. This one, he set aside for slower consumption. As he helped himself to some oysters, he replied to Elva’s earlier questions. “I’ve had occasional dull pain in my left leg, especially on rainy days or after long periods of travel. But it’s been occurring less frequently. And, of course, I have you to thank for not being entirely crippled in the first place, so far be it for me to complain.”
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That's how I do all my posts, but it still doesn't correct all my grammar errors and derpiness lol. I love how Christian is amused by everything. I picture him just gazing at her like a kid at the circus. I'm wondering how long she is staying. Long enough to be impregnated. There's some drama for you//shot ))

Not even paying an ounce of attention to the people around her, Elva continued to pile food upon food onto her plate all while stuffing her face. Once the glass of wine was within her reach, she drank it in one gulp and placed the glass towards the baron. "More....please...." Other than the breathing breaks and fidgeting in between bites, the physician had to admit this was one of the best feast she had ever had. Back at Eleria's penthouse, Elva was not allowed to eat anything remotely delicious for the heiress had put her on a weight loss diet.

"I don't think this could go any tighter....and if it does.....I'm going to walk around your manor butt naked." And she was serious too. Elva would have opted to wear her own clothes but to her surprise, they were nowhere to be found. Perhaps Christian had ordered the maids to burn her "peasant" clothing, she thought. The woman was almost certain the baron wouldn't mind either, not that he would get to see an incredibly gorgeous being walk around in nude, but because after three weeks of living together, he should have been used to her barbaric ways.

Finally, the physician found the will to put down her fork, even for a minute. "That happens I old people..."she responded, eying him, "are you older than you led me on to believe, baron?" Elva finally flashed a smile, giggling at her own lame joke. "I'll make an ointment for that. I just gather some ingredients first."
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OMG, so sorry I took forever to respond. D: Things are getting more hectic, so I haven't been spending as much time on dA. *sigh* Hoping it'll slow down, but the next few months will probably be crazy busy. orz Apologies in advance if I'm slow!))

In the middle of a mouthful of bread and cheese, Christian almost choked on his food. He quickly washed it down with some more sherry before responding.

“As much as I’d…ah…appreciate you strolling unclothed through the house, I’m not sure the baroness or the servants would enjoy it quite as much.” His cheeks were feeling a little warm, and he wasn’t entirely sure that it was due to the spirits. He also couldn’t help taking a few sideways glances at his companion, mentally taking note of her current appearance as he wasn’t likely to see it again anytime soon. “Personally, I think you look quite ravishing in that dress. But I’ll make sure you’re provided with clothing more suited to your tastes.” He doubted a compliment would change her mind about what she was wearing, but it never hurt to try.

Upon hearing Elva gibe him about his age, the baron had to pause for a moment, uncertain how to respond. He’d had fielded some well-meaning questions about his bachelor status, many from mothers looking to pawn off their own daughters, so it wasn’t until he saw the physician smile that he realized she was only joking. He shook his head and chuckled.

“I should hope not,” Christian joked back. “I’ve been saving my chance to deceive you for when a better opportunity comes along.” He wiped his mouth, then added, “If you need ingredients, I can take you into town tomorrow to buy them.” Almost immediately, the baron felt a tinge of regret; accompanying a woman on a shopping trip was neither the most fun nor the most relaxing activity he could think to do. Then again, there were things he needed to purchase as well, so it wouldn’t be a complete loss. He’d learned long ago that humoring the fairer sex’s shopping habits was a quick way to gain some favor.
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It was day two of cleaning her entire property. Just recently, the doctor had been experiencing various harassment from the destruction of her garden to robbery and now vandalism. Elva didn't think much of it; she had guess it was probably some bad hooligans coming into town and that as time pass, all this random act of cruelty would stop. The doctor had to put her own clinic on hiatus until her house and the clinic itself was presentable.

Elva spent the first day just cleaning off the additional, creative markings all over her house and cleaned up her yard so that no one would put a second thought to the destruction that had grace upon the doctor's property. A few neighbors had sympathized with her and offered helped in cleaning her yard and donating various plants to rebuild her medicine garden. After a long day, they were able to clean most of the mess. Now, she just had to work on buying more plants and herbs.

Today, she has decided to stay indoors and cleaning up the left over mess from the robbery. It was weird; the robbers only searched downstairs and left upstairs, her clinic, untouched. Items were taken but they were only trivial to Elva. The doctor only prized her clinic and wardrobe the most. As long as those two were ok, she was fine.

".....I'm so tired..." she sighed as she rearranged her living room.
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((Sorry...such a late reply. D: Had a bit of a crazy week. ^^;))

Christian and Dagger had just set fire to a warehouse used by the rebels for stolen goods. They were racing across the rooftops on a pre-planned route back to the carriage stashed safely in an alleyway. Christian had been reluctant to torch the building. What a waste, he shook his head. He estimated the net worth of the contraband to have been at least enough to purchase a new ship for the cargo fleet he was planning. But Dagger had reminded him that they would have a difficult time getting everything out of the warehouse without being seen.

Suddenly, shouts from behind broke Christian's reverie. He exchanged a worried glance with Dagger. They had made sure the fire was in full force before leaving. Still, it had not been burning long, and some things might still be salvaged. The two of them slowed to a standstill.

"Perhaps I should return to monitor things?" Dagger asked in a low voice. Before Christian could answer, more shouts were heard, this time much closer.

"Shit," Christian swore under his breath. "Sounds like they may be onto us. We're too close to the carriage. We'll need to take a longer route and throw them off our trail." Dagger nodded quickly and turned a sharp left, leading the way on backup route he had scouted.

Christian was having more trouble keeping up with Dagger now. The rooftops were unfamiliar, and the difference in height from one building to the next was greater and more difficult to navigate. And the angry shouts did not appear to have faded very much. In the dark, he missed his footing leaping onto the next building, cursing as he felt himself falling. He saw Dagger turn around in time to see him disappear off the ledge. The next moment, he came to a crashing stop on the ground among a bunch of gardening tools and lost consciousness momentarily.
Kaetriona Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2011  Hobbyist
((S'all good.))

Bang, bang...' The doctor wonder who could be at the door. Last time, she was surprised by two obnoxious, uninvited guests.It couldn't be patients either because her office was closed, but then again, accidents never wait. She took a moment in straightening her furniture before answering the door. "Who is it?"

It was the sweet old baker from next door. She and her husband had been more than kind to her since Elva was just a tyke. They knew more about her than anybody else and always lent a helping hand."Elly! Come quick! The maker has shown mercy and caught a potential culprit. My husband is keeping an eye on him." This actually made her a bit happy. To catch one of the culprits would be fantastic; one could spill the beans and tattle on his accomplices. Elva followed the baker around the front and into her garden. 'The garden? What else could they do to it?'

The little old baker babbled on about the maker's blessing while her husband retold the story of how he found this hooligan. All Elva could think about was how she would strangle this person if they were to the robbers. With the neighbor's oil lamp, she cautiously crept closer to the body. The first thing she notice was that they were on her tools. Mumbling under her breath, she began cursing and using the god's name in vain.

The body was of a red headed man. He seemed to had fallen on top of her tools and was completely unconscious. The doctor was hesitant on helping the man, but natural duty called and she felt compelled to help this man out. "Mr. and Mrs. Robinson, I think you both should head back home," she suggested as she handed back the lamp, "It's getting dark and it's not safe outside." The couple were reluctant at first, wanting to make sure their little girl would be safe. Elva assured them that this creeper will be out for a bit so she is in no harm yet. Flexing her biceps, Elva joked about how she can throw him out the window with just a flick of her wrist.

While the neighbor retreated back to their home, Elva opened the back door to her house for convenience. Following after, she hauled the man with no grace whatsoever, and dragged him all the way towards her office, upstairs. Needless to say, she probably cause more damage to him. With a slight of delicacy, Elva dropped the creep onto the mattress. Getting a closer look, she noticed he had some nice facial features. He was handsome in fact but she still felt animosity towards him. Without a second thought, the doctor began to examine the rest of his body.
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((I just realized I don't know where Elva lives...I hope not Cerais, because that would be slightly problematic. ^^;))

Dagger watched in horror at the scene unfolding below him. An old couple had come out to find Christian unconscious. And before he could do anything, they'd brought in a young woman as well. From what he could gather of the conversation, it seemed as if they were mistaking Christian for someone dangerous. The young woman finally convinced the old couple to return home, and she unceremoniously began to drag Christian's body in the opposite direction. Rather strong for a woman, Dagger thought.

Fearing for the lord's life, he followed closely but silently along the rooftops. As the woman entered a residence--he assumed it was her home--Dagger carefully dropped onto a ledge so that he could peek into a second floor window. Inside, the woman had begun examining Christian. Dagger thanked his lucky stars that they were not in Cerais, and that he had managed to convince Christian to shave his goatee before these excursions. He hoped this woman would not have a clue who Christian was. He crouched, motionless in anticipation. Off in the distance, he could hear faint sounds of the search party still looking for them. This did not bode well.

As the woman continued her examination, Christian twitched slightly and moaned. He was slowly coming to. Opening his eyes slightly, he was blinded by the light and quickly squeezed his eyes shut again. His head was pounding, and his whole body ached and burned as if he'd just been dragged across hot coals. Someone was probing and prodding him.

"Am I in hell?" he groaned. His own voiced echoed in his head and only served to increase the terrible pounding.
Kaetriona Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2011  Hobbyist
Elva jumped back a bit as the man began to move. He was regaining conscious, which was both good and bad for him. Since the man wasn’t dead yet, the doctor felt the need to strangle the robber for all the troubles he had caused her. On the contrary, her philosophy is to save lives, no matter how rotten they could be.

”Am I in hell?”

The doctor moved over towards Christian’s side, sitting next to his chest. Her hand swept away the stray red strands of hair covering his dirty face. He was indeed handsome and suave; the man covered in dirt was still too groomed to be such a low life. Unfortunately, nowadays, no one can predict who a person was just by appearance. Elva had to get a hold of herself. She mustn’t let her feminine desire get in the way. Before answering, she took a deep breath and clamped her hands together, situating them in her lap.

”Only if you have a reasonable explanation on why you were sleeping in my gardening tools,” she said ever so softly, almost angelic like. That was the most the woman could say. To prevent her from saying anything inappropriate, she bit her lips and moved away from the mysterious man. It was yet to be proven that he was behind her recent harassments but the possibly that he could makes her go crazy. Elva still contemplated on helping this man.
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Upon hearing the question, Christian opened one eye and let himself slowly adjust to the light. Sitting next to him was a woman, young despite her gray-tinted hair, her lovely gray eyes watching him intently. Still a little confused as to what he was doing here, Christian furrowed his brows. She didn't look like a whore, although she had quite a figure. In fact, she didn't seem familiar at all.

"Sleeping in your what?" he gasped. It was painful to speak. He racked his brains, trying to remember the last thing that happened. Oh...that's right. He closed his eyes again, avoiding the scrutiny of the woman looking down at him. "I fell," he managed to grunt, "From the roof." He didn't want to say more, not knowing whether he could trust her.

Usually, Christian was a pretty good judge of character. He opened his eyes again. Trying to get a better look at the young woman's face, he attempted to prop himself up on his elbows. He winced as a sharp pain struck him, and he sank down again. There was definitely something wrong with his chest, maybe a broken rib or two.

"Madam," he grit his teeth, trying to talk through the pain, "I know not who you are, and I apologize if I've inconvenienced you. If I broke any of your gardening tools, I'll gladly repay you." He paused for a moment to catch his breath, which now came in ragged gasps. "Could I perhaps trouble you for some water?" he asked, giving her his best pitiful look. He was counting on her mercy now; and she must have some sense of decency since she had brought him here.

In the distance, Christian heard shouts again, this time accompanied by baying dogs. His eyes furtively darted to the door. If they came looking for him, would he have an escape route? Would he even be able to physically move very far? Dagger must be around somewhere, but there was little he would be able to do either. Christian hoped they wouldn't come knocking.
Kaetriona Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2011  Hobbyist
It was obvious he fell off the roof. A child could even point that out. His explanation wasn’t good enough for her. It didn’t clear up the fact why he was here. Her eyes widen when she heard his voice shaking; her motherly instincts made her act without a thought. “Lay back down and stop pushing yourself,” she commanded, “Your ribs are broken. I haven’t properly bandaged them yet.”

Collecting herself from the sudden outburst, Elva hastily walked over to the cupboards. She pulled out a few supplies: scissors, bandages, and propping stick. Neatly setting them on a tray, she began spouting out a few details of herself. The doctor felt sorry for the man, just slightly. She’d panicked too if she were to suddenly wake up in a strange room with a vengeful woman. The tables had turn on this robber; he was in her care and his health will depend on how she felt about him.

”You’ll get your water when I am done setting your bones,” she said, casting a sweet angelic tone, ”I am Dr. Rosiell and if you haven’t noticed, you’re in my clinic.” Carrying the tray over, she heard shouting from outside. It was the same from earlier but she brushed it off, thinking it was just a bunch of drunks. She became more intrigued by the hollers when accompanied by barking. ”Dogs?” she mumbled.

Glancing back at Christian, she wondered who was this man. With everything that was going on, it was only convenient for her to think that he was the culprit and she dared to help him. If the hollering were in fact the police, she could be fined for harboring. This made Elva uneasy. Placing the tray on the nightstand, Elva took one more look at the man, contemplating what she should do. He was obviously as much of a victim as he was as a culprit. The woman knew she wasn’t going to be able to forgive herself if she turned in a man of his condition. ”So tell me about your self,” she said, ”I like to know a bit about whom I’ll be nursing, especially when one cannot leave until his bones are properly healed.”
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Christian half-listened as the doctor talked. Under different circumstances, he would have paid closer attention, but the pain and the imminent threat of discovery served to divert his focus from the curvy young woman in front of him. Instead, he fidgeted nervously as she talked. Her no-nonsense attitude and insistence on finding out more about him was worrisome. Christian wondered if he should outright lie to her or just tell her everything. He guessed it would be hard to get much by her and decided to settle for something in-between.

"You can call me Cloak," he licked his dry lips. He could really use some water. "Those dogs...they're after me. I was involved in...something earlier. I can't give you more details; my life is not the only one in danger. Suffice it to say we destroyed some weapons meant to kill." Christian glanced at Elva sideways, hoping that her sense of duty as a doctor would appreciate that statement, no matter what her political alignment might be. After all, here she was, treating him--a complete stranger who had crashed onto her property.

"We were in the middle of slipping away quietly," Christian continued, "But somehow, someone found out before we could get very far. I had to take a different, unfamiliar route and, well, here I am. You know the rest." It was getting more painful to talk, and every word was a work of labor. Christian could feel the sweat roll off his brow as he struggled to keep his voice even. Something was definitely broken.

Christian smiled sheepishly at Elva. It really was pretty stupid of him to fall. And of course he couldn't have fallen onto something softer, like a bush. Oh, no. He had to fall on hard and sharp tools. Figures. What would happen to him from this point on depended entirely on this woman.
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